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Marco Polo International (MPI) offers a full range of commodity plastic resins including prime, generic prime, and wide spec. Our comprehensive product selection includes

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Our Quality Control Is Unsurpassed
We are extremely focused on ensuring high quality control throughout the process. All orders are reviewed based on specifications of density, melt index, color, V.A., slip and antiblock content to ensure customers receive exactly what they order.  We also insure all shipments to guarantee customers receive their orders in full, on time, and in the proper condition.

Innovative Financing and Hedging Solutions
We realize that our clients may face issues ranging from financing their purchases to protecting against volatility in market prices. We have access to a wide range of financing alternatives and hedging methods. We want you to partner with us so we can work together to find the right solutions.

Value-Added Products and Services
We recognize that our client’s purchasing needs may extend beyond traditional plastic resins. Through our global network and partnerships, we often have access to related products such as chemicals, or specialized products such as recycled materials and bio-polymers. Simply let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Our Most Valuable Offering of All
Integrity, “Commitment,” still means something at Marco Polo.  It is not something you will find in a contract or a proposal.  It is something you find in a person’s character. What sets us apart is our deeply held belief that our word is our bond.  Marco Polo International believes, it’s not just business – it ‘s personal.

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