Our Team

The strength and commitment of our management team, as well as our extensive network of supplier partnerships, has positioned Marco Polo to become a leading global distributor that services companies of every size, from the local family-run business to multinational corporations.

Marco Liuzzo
President & CEO

Marco Liuzzo is the President and CEO of Marco Polo International. His responsibilities include setting overall business strategy, strategic initiatives and new ventures, management of key supplier and customer relationships and talent acquisition. Under his twenty years of leadership, Marco Polo International has grown from a small niche distributor to an industry leader with expanded product offerings and geographic footprint and now has customers in over 50 countries. Prior to MPI, Marco worked for Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and attended Long Island University.

David Guimond
Chief Operating Officer

David joined Marco Polo in August 2006, and is responsible for our growth and penetration in the North American and global marketplace.  He is also responsible for sourcing resin and managing key relationships.  Prior to joining Marco Polo, David held positions as an engineer with firms including GE and Haartz Corporation – a PVC vinyl extrusion company. He entered the plastics distribution business in an extensive training program at Polyone Distribution, where he was trained in the technical and practical uses of commodity resins, engineering resins, cross-linkable polyethylene, PVC compounds and PVC neat resins. He also gained experience selling custom engineering compounds and color concentrates. David left Polyone years later to take on the challenge of building a Northeast territory for a small North American commodity distributor and built multiple 50-70 MM lb territories, managed the sales force as well as the prime distribution business. David later joined M. Holland Company, where he grew and expanded their Film Divisions sales in the northern market encompassing New York, New Jersey, New England, and Eastern Canada. David attended the University of New Hampshire, Durham where he earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Jim Diaz
Vice President

Jim Diaz joined the Marco Polo team in May 2015, and is responsible for sourcing our PE resins, managing key relationships, and helping us continue our rapid growth. Jim started in the Plastic Industry in the early 90s with one of the largest traders at the time. He later went on to work for the Huntsman Corporation where he was responsible for selling and marketing their Prime Film grade resins in the NE. Prior to joining Marco Polo he spent the previous 14 years with the M. Holland Company where he was responsible for sourcing their Generic and Non-Prime PE resins. Jim is a graduate out of the University of Rhode Island with multiple degrees.

Tony Masso
Vice President of Latin American Sales

Tony joined Marco Polo in 2005 and is responsible for growth and penetration in Latin America.  Prior to joining Marco Polo, he worked at Total Petrochemicals for 11 years, where he was Offgrade Polypropylene Sales Manager for the US market and then as Export Manager for Polypropylene and Polyethylene Sales for Latin America.

Troy Mercado
National Sales Manager

Troy joined Marco Polo in 2006, and is responsible for domestic sales and day-to-day management of the sales team.  Prior to joining Marco Polo, Troy was a specialized film sales representative for the Southeast region for H. Muehlstein (now part of Ravago) for 9 years. Prior to Muehlstein, Troy held sales positions with Time Warner and Northwestern Mutual.