marco_poloNico Liuzzo founded Marco Polo International in 1985 after immigrating to the US from Italy. Drawing on his proud Italian heritage, he named the company after the explorer Marco Polo. Marco Polo’s reputation in the industry was forged by an unyielding commitment to his ‘word as his bond’, as he could be relied on to fulfill his commitments and uphold the integrity of his products.

Marco succeeded his father in May of 2000 and set his sights on building upon his father’s significant achievements.  His focus was to modernize the company to ensure it could meet the needs of an ever-changing global landscape, while maintaining its focus on serving the needs of our customers.  This includes:

  • Focusing on new markets and attracting new clients
  • Building out the sales and management team through the hiring of top-talent and experienced professionals
  • Working with its lenders and customers to develop and incorporate innovative and flexible financing solutions

Today, these efforts are reflected in an extensive menu of products and services which serve the needs of over 500 customers located in over 50 countries around the world.